Sherwin Williams Color of the Year 2019

The new Sherwin Williams 2019 color of the year has been announced and we are happy to be grounded closer to Mother Earth! Cavern Clay SW7701, “a warm terracotta color with ancient, elemental roots” according to Sherwin Williams, is a playful, versatile color with the soul of the desert.
Great to pair with darker tones of brown and black, the Cavern Clay plays well with soft pinks and blush hues, as well as cooler tones, like gray, blues, green and purple.


The soft Terracotta lends its fire to the surrounding elements giving a feeling of empowerment.

And did I say playful? Who would of thought that the earthy Cavern Clay would be such a good friend of fresh gardens, cool pillows and be so neutral about it?

I see the Cavern Clay wall treatment as a big hug! Whether in interior or exterior walls, it declares, ‘I am here to support you and let you be yourself’.

But even in small portions, one or two accents with Cavern Clay is enough to make the eye pay attention to the details . . .

I love how it stands out with the whites and neutrals without giving the sense of intervention. It accents in a gentle manner allowing the contrast to just be. It is surprising how well it plays with contemporary as well with traditional styles.

“Envision beaches, canyons and deserts, and sun-washed late summer afternoons—all of this embodied in one color.” Welcome Cavern Clay!



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